Hi! My name is Anastasia!

An unshakeable optimist, hopeless introvert and opinionated holistic approach advocate. What I do and love stems from my own story and experiences.

You know what I discovered?
We all have capacity to self-heal and by doing this reveal and make shine our natural gifts and talents. Our task is to create enough space for this process to happen.

Soften enough to stop struggling. Breathe deep. Move in a way that truly feels good. Let go of somebody else's idea of who we are supposed to be and what we're supposed to be doing. Be kind and compassionate to ourselves.

Yoga is one of the forms. And it's a good one if you approach it in a self-loving way.

Yoga doen't have to be a dreaded workout or a woo woo chanting. Neither does it have to be  for contortionists. IT CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE.


For me yoga isn't limited to the time we spend on the mat.

How we are and how we move in life is all yoga.

If we force ourselves to nail that pose better than the next person, that's how we'll be in life outside the yoga studio - forcing, struggling, never letting ourselves relax and just enjoy the process.

I've been in that place for a long time, constantly getting myself injured and feeling sore. Not funny at all.

What I came to after years of practicing all sorts of yoga is that we can only make a change when we slow down and start tuning into ourselves, instead of blindly following some concepts that are supposed to know our bodies better then we do.

Our body functions best when we give it the freedom to move and when we respond to what we feel. That's what I base my approach on.

I combine the basics of hatha yoga with Strala yoga and body consciousness approach to reach the place where our breath, movement and feeling become our best guides.


"Talent is universal, but opportunity is not"

- Nicholas Kristof

I believe that giving is receiving. And that every little tiny action counts.

Below you can learn and maybe even get involved in two projects I currently support. Because as Maya Angelou said, “As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good.”


She's the first

She's the First fights gender inequality through education. They provide scholarships to girls in low-income countries so that they'll be first in their families to graduate from high school & train students everywhere to be global leaders.

"Because an educated girl is still the exception, not the norm, in too many places worldwide" - She's the first

Deti Nashi (Our children)

Deti nashi (Our children) is a Russian based charity fund whose mission is to prevent social orphanhood and help children without parental care successfully integrate into the society.

They help bring the life of abandoned kids in children’s houses closer to the life of normal children, and help more grown children from orphanages better prepare for a happy adulthood. They also create an efficient system for the children to leave orphanages and go to families and they strive to change the social policy so that orphanhood in Russia would disappear.