Back into the body

A couple of months ago I had a chance to get a first hand experience of Grinberg method that works with bodily patterns and perception given by a gifted practitioner (and a wonderful person!!) Roberto Espinagosa.

Frankly I had absolutely no idea about what to expect from the session, first because I’ve actually only heard some rave reviews about it by chance (and was too lazy to go and google it properly), but also because it was the first time I was about to try this kind of *woo woo body stuff*, as most of my searches were related to the mental or spiritual part of evolving (you know, flying among the angels in a meditation while seeing stars and unicorns and so on).

But! The thing is that at the end of the day the body is the only tangible part of our existence and, unfortunately for it, it accumulates the infinite amount of our patterns, blocked emotions, traumas, unconscious blocks and all the funny stuff, and that’s what we get up with in the morning and go to bed with at night on a daily. So I’ve figured that probably working with this luggage both on physical AND mental level could be something worth doing.
I won’t go into details about what this method is about as there’s quite enough info on the internet so you can just google it. I’ll just try to describe what I’ve experenced and my takeaways from it. “Try” – because as much as our mind tries to explain and rationalize everything sometimes it just can’t, or can’t just yet…

The session itself is a mix of therapeutical touch and conversation in which Roberto in some obscure way brought me to the very emotions I least want to feel. Blocked stuff from the past experiences, memories and other things we don’t necessarily remember. And by doing so he made me live them all over again through the body, OR BETTER live them for the first time through the body cause what we tend to do normally is to suppress or escape the intense emotions primarily because of the fear of unknown.

The mind is afraid of intensity.

The body, on the contrary, doesn’t mind it at all. It draws force out of this intensity.

And when we dare to live our intense emotions without judging and create space for them we actually discover that they are not all that awful, scary and unbearable. Ok, it’s not a spa on a paradise island, but it’s not a hell either with devils poking you all over (although spa wouldn’t be bad). And that is where we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

My biggest insight was CURIOUSITY.

Yeah I know I may sound like Captain Obvious now, but it’s actually not that easy to keep in mind when you’re in the midst of a shame or frustration attack. In order to go through it we have to approach it with curiousity and openness. We run from our emotions cause we tag them as negative from the beginning. We spin in an eternal spiral of thoughts an drama related to them.

But what if we could approach the whole experience as a scientist on a path of discovery? Cause if a scientist already has the answer, then there’s no discovery out there (and he’s not a scientist, but a fraud). What if we avoided calling it bad names, feeling guilty about feeling them and immediately searching for the answer to band-aid our pain? And instead put away our thoughts about it and try to stay with that possibility with an open eye (or two 👀) to see what happens. We might as well be surprised…

Stay tuned for the second insight which may surprise you as well…or hopefully may not if you’re already enlightened✨😇

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