Like or Don’t like?

So my second takeaway out of Grinberg method experience was that the body does have its own opinion and it’s not necessarily the one our mind likes or agrees with, but the one we should probably take more into consideration. Call it intuition or instinct or whatever you like, but if we’re attentive enough to out bodily feelings and expressions we may actually feel it. For instance, when we’re on the street or in the public transport, or even meeting a new person, our primary body fear is in full bloom – we’re made to be afraid of the unknown, our body lives in a constant threat of death as (surprise!) life comes with 100% mortality rate. So instinctively in those situations we may just feel the need to protect ourselves physically in order to create more space for ourselves to breathe and feel more secure, let our body know that we can and will protect it if needed.

So we may inconsciosly cross our arms and legs, or just create an invisible protective shield, under which we can feel that fear more freely and process it. But what we often do is that we consciously block those reactions and impulses – whether it is because we consider them inadequate or impolite in that situation, or we don’t want to seem sulky and defensive (especially if we’re already timid by nature….ops, who just said that??). What we really get by blocking those impulses is that our body feels like it can’t defend itself, it feels vulnerable and we stop breathing. Just try to notice it next time you’re surrounded by a bunch of strangers, and I’m not talking about taking strolls on the dark streets at 2am in the morning.

Notice how your stomach stops expanding, how your body anxiety level slightly but steadily rises. Try to feel what happens on the physical level with you when you let your body protect itself and when you don’t. Can you feel any difference? The same thing can be applied to any situation – notice the signs your body is constantly sending you – does it really like what’s going on or it doesn’t? As Roberto said, the body has only to responses: “LIKE” or “DON’T LIKE”. Just like the old facebook times. And if it’s “DON’T LIKE” is there something you can do to make your body feel better in that exact moment?

Just please try not to justify it with mental reasons our brain is so prone to give us (of course my body likes it!! I mean, who wouldn’t like a massage given by a stranger in a room with other 30 strangers while being topless????)

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